Pearl Equestrian is full service coaching and consultation for dressage and eventing riders. We focus on helping young ladies with all their equestrian endeavors.  From trailer training to show coaching, Pearl Equestrian can enhance your equestrian performance.


  • 8am - 8pm text and phone consultation
  • 24 hour emergency consultation
  • Premium care
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Holistic approach
  • Customized training packages for each Client

About Natalie

She bargained with her grandfather - he insisted she take swimming lessons but Natalie refused.  Eventually he bribed her with one riding lesson for every swimming lesson she completed...and so the equine addiction began.

  • Over 20 years riding experience
  • 10 years in the United States Pony Club and received her C3 certification
  • Eventing with the USEA since 2004
  • Experience in long format three day eventing 
  • Traveled to New Zealand and Spain for training
  • Now specializing in dressage as well as eventing


"Natalie helped me connect with my horse and visualize what success looks like.  Her observations and explanations were spot on and improvements were immediate and sustainable."



"I was seriously considering selling our pony due to some bad behaviors he had developed.  My daughter and her pony worked with Natalie and after only a couple of months they have made amazing progress."



"You're the best trainer ever!!!  Thank you!!!"




"My new horse is young!  Natalie was amazing at getting us acclimated.  Her peaceful yet firm approach is beautiful to watch.  She is an encourager and a pro at boosting my confidence and the confidence of my sweet boy!  I am grateful."